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All springs manufactured at Balaji Springs adheres to a strict quality standard to ensure that you get the best value for money. Our springs come to you already scragged to save your time (scragging is a process where the spring is compressed to solid before checking loads).
Our springs are scragged individually to ensure each spring is to solid height before checking, unlike most that are scragged to a height somewhere close to solid. We supply a large range of springs starting right from 0.2 mm to 16 mm.

Product Range …

Brake Springs

We have complete range of Brake Springs for heavy trucks and trailers, mainly for the American and European market, some of them to mention are - B.P.W., DAF, FRUEHAUF, FRENELSA, ILASA, IVECO, LECINENA .......

Valve Springs
A very great deal is demanded of a valve spring and Balaji always ensure that they work closely with the Customer in establishing the requirements of a new spring. The latest design methods ......

Extension Springs

Extension springs are typically manufactured with an initial tension Fi which presses the coils together in the free state. This fabrication method allows consistent free lengths to be produced, but since the initial tension.....

Clutch Springs

Under construction

Shock Absorber springs

Under construction

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are made from round wire of 0.1-6mm diameter and also from square and profile material. They are used in pedal mechanisms and carburetors in the automotive area and also windows and .....

Wire Forming Springs

Wire form take many shapes, from simple beams, or cantilever designs, to complex configurations. They retain components in postion and allow for limited deflection they are usually made from round or flat wire.....


Springs Locks

The thrust washers are manufactured from high carbon steel strips and are applied in automobile engines, gear boxes for trucks, textile machinery, etc. these washers provide a very good bearing surface .....


Flat Wire springs

Flat Springs covers a wide range of springs and forms fabricated from flat strip material which, on being deflected by an external load, will store and then release energy. Flat springs and strip forms are designed .....


Hey Tines Springs

Under construction

Clips & Clamps

CLIPS and Clamps a major fastener manufacturer, produces a multitude of flat and round wire clips, clamps, and brackets.
These four slide metal spring clips and metal spring clamps are made to your ......
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