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An undying commitment towards quality has always been a predominant factor behind the success of Balaji Springs Pvt. Ltd., an ISO/TS 16949-2009 certified company. The quality products of Balaji conforming to the international standards have got worldwide acceptance. Total quality assurance is consistently achieved through a material testing lab for checking the technical & chemical composition of raw materials; hi-tech manufacturing facilities and a rigorous inspection at each and every stage.

Balaji Springs is manufacturing of close toleranced springs, stampings, wire and flat forms to your specifications.
Through the use of Statistical Process Control methods, we offer our customers the highest level of quality possible. Our Engineering staff is ready to assist you on your questions of manufacturability, tolerance, cost effective approaches, or alloy selection.
Our Modern manufacturing equipment complemented by an extremely experienced, skilled labor team, deliver the highest quality products on time.
Balaji Springs Pvt. Ltd. is firmly committed to Customer Satisfaction through Excellent in Quality, Competitive Price, Timely Delivery and Safety of their Products.
We are committed to exceeding customer’s expectation of quality delivery and price; A comprehensive quality management and assurance system is followed to ensure that our products meet the most stringent quality requirements.
The education and training of our workforce is oriented towards developing a culture of quality and continuous improvement.
Commitment to Quality is an intrinsic part of our manufacturing process and      our rigid quality procedures ensure product conformity and all products fulfill the most precise specification required by our customers.
The products supplied ate ensured as per the specification of the customer using SPC techniques at every stage of the production. Emphasis is laid on      Material Testing, Physical Testing, Chemical Testing and Metallurgical Testing using sophisticated state of the art equipments.
Calibration of Gauges and Testing Equipments are done at prescribed intervals.
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